Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Today I was outside showing Reed some of the new things in our yard; the compost garden, new wild flowers blooming, a new birds nest in the tree and I thought about our blogspot and how all these things I am shareing with our friends and family individually and how I made this awesome spot for everyone to see us. So seeing how I still could log into our page and keep posting and so much has happened since Feb 2009. So I will start once again bringing everyone up to speed and sharing the ins and outs of the Texas Sessions.

First off, we just got back from a family vacation to Az. We loved seeing everyone there and miss you guys like crazy already. It was a short visit so many friends went unvisited however, we want to make it back again later this year. Reed is in a preK program and is showing great improvements with his speech. Court is also in a different preK program and is ahead of his class he just keeps leaving off the ends of words. Taresa's health is still the same, she has found hope for her future well being and the doctors want to give her a quality of life without pills and meds so the road to long but there is hope. I am still at Costco and am discovering I"m the best thing that's happened to the place, so I tell myself. I just turned 31 and have great hopes for this year.

Taresa is ready so we are off to go Mothers Day shopping. Here are some pics from our family photo session with Chris Richards!

Monday, February 23, 2009


So yesterday we decided to put our green thumbs to the test and created the first Sessions family garden. Actually this all came about from a trip to Home Depot where Court and Reed saw their favorite movie charaters Veggie Tales Pirates on a package of seeds. So Taresa and I thought that we should go ahead and try gardening and have some fun with it too. So we bought a bunch of different plants and well the pictures speak for themselves. But it was a fun time to try and put this together. From the painting to the potting to the fight over who got to hold the hose and water the plants etc. Good times or sure!!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


on a grand new adventure, this week is a pinicle week in the life of the Sessions family. I am leaving one of my jobs. I know dun.. dun.. DAAAAA!!!!!!! I'm looking forward to the new adventure. My time at Univeristy of Phoenix has come to a close as I am moving home. lol It is time for me to be a husband, father and me again. We are nervous, mathmatically it's suppose to work out but with faith and prayer and support from others... and a winning lotto ticket, jk. We will be fine and more importantly we will be together to laugh and play and enjoy each other. I'm excited but I think Taresa is even more excited. Wish us luck and that God continues to smile upon us.

As far as an update, with the family. Taresa has to this day changed, shuffle around, blind leading the blind, seen like 6 docoters all coming up with the same conclusion, "something is wrong but we just don't know what it is." And that's all they'll do. So with some inspiration we were refered to out of the blue to another family care doctor that actualy took Taresa's mystery sympotoms as a personal goal. And within 1 appointment he found out that Taresa has fibermyalgia, scary stuff. Fibermyalgia is a chronic pain and fatigue syndrom. So we are on some serious meds and they seem to be helping.

Reed, turned 3 this past October and after and AWESOME pirate birthday party he has now moved out of his pirate phase and back to CARS and WALLE. He is still going to his early intervention and got high marks on his goals. So we are happy!!!!

Court, is 2 now and is pretty much everyone's shadow. He has to copy everyone, repeat their words, action and expresions. He's a total cuddler too. Whenever it's time for bed he has no problem climbing up into your arms and letting you just love on him.

So that's us as of the 13 day of 2009!!!!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

HAPPY 2009!!!! Finally I'm posting again.

Ok so I don't have much to say cause I'm kind of in a hurry to get this out. But things are good and getting better for us all in our home.

Here are some recent pictures of us in November. We ment to send this out as Christmas cards but, well we just didn't. Lets be honest here, ok. Yea I know lame but honest.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Buggie Ride

So for Reed's first birthday we bought this buggie to take with us whenever we went out and about. And it has been a life saver in many different situations. But lately we have found a new use for it with the park near by. We have a BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Court didn't enjoy it as much and after his second time started crying on his way down. But I kept making him go. This just happenes to be one of the first few times when he was g-riddin'.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Taresa Update

Ok, so here is the long awaited update about Taresa's health.

Last year at the end of January Taresa went into the hospital for abdominal pain. She had her gallbladder removed and didn't get better. Then she was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitus. After several months of in and out of the hospital, a month long fast, and several doctor appointments later, in June she was diagnosed with Crohn's. After 4 months of heavy a prescription regiment Taresa's GI told us that her body wasn't responding to his diagnoses and his system to cure people with her condition so he could nothing else for us and told us to go to the MAYO Clinic, in which our insurance didn't pay for. We sought out answers from up above and came to feel a second opinion was our best option. Our new GI took her off almost all of the medication, and wasn't convinced she even had Crohn's. So after a few months of tests and a recent surgery, she for sure doesn't have Crohn's. She has sever IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) in connection with some auto-immune disease connected to the liver, which we are now in the process of pin pointing this disease.

Thank you, isn't enough nor can explain the magnitude of our gratitude for those of you who have loved us, supported us, cried with us, visited us, emailed, called, prayed, fasted and offered your concern heaven wards for us. For Taresa's health and our families happiness and strength. For your faith and prayers though not answered in the way we have all wanted, blessings have come to us. Friendships have been strengthened, our faith in God and what's most importantin this life and the next has been fortified even more. Gratitude and love does seem very cliche' but it is from our hearts and makes us cry for how much has been done and said in our behalf.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Saturday Cool

So this past Saturday we went to the new out door mall. And both boys playing at the childrens play place, we had an incredibly fun day. Playing, going to the pupply store. Mom bought these two cool dudes sunglasses to make them, if it were possible, even more cooler. These are the best boys in the world!!!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008


These were taken back in December. I know I'm horrible at updating this. I'll do it again soon with some info about Taresa. I promise!

Friday, November 30, 2007


While Taresa is busy in the hospital getting better Reed and Court get to go play at different friends houses while dad is at work. Here is yesterdays play day.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


So Court was Mickey Mouse and Reed was Woody from Toy Story. Reed's first experience tick or treating was at our churches trunk or treat Friday night and it was a riot. He was super excited cause there were lots of people running around. But with everyone dressed up he wasn't so sure if he liked these people anymore. A few times he would stop and stare at the adults dressed all ghoulish. But came time to actually do the trick or treating. The first man went to put some candy in Reed's bucket and Reed flipped out. He did not want anyone messing with his trick or treat bucket. After a few times of flipping out and still getting candy he kind of picked up on the fact that people weren't trying to mess with his bucket. So he started taking the candy from their hands and putting it into his own bucket himself. Then after a few stops later he realized they will put the candy in his bucket for him. Then after a few people more, while they were putting candy in his bucket Reed helped himself to some more candy to put in his bucket.

Reed ended the night playing with Frankenstein aka Braden Dale, in the bed of the Dale's pick up truck

Court was just happy to see people and have people come up to him and oogle over how cute he is. And really can you blame the public for cooing over this little man. He is so adorable.

Taresa and Aunt Kele spent the night chasing Reed and helping him play the games. While Mike was working at Costco. Mom didn't dress up she figured she was already a beautiful queen and anything she wore exudes that. And yes Taresa, you are beautiful.

But Halloween wasn't going to pass by Mike despite his 2 jobs. At Mike's work, University of Phoenix. Mike went dressed up like the Wendy's commercial character. There was a Halloween costume contest I didn't even make the preliminaries. BUT Mike had lots of fun and tons of people said he was their favorite costume. Mike really is Big and Juice!!!! Even Costco liked his costume.